Nancy’s Nursery


Four months into her life, Nancy finally has a nursery and, boy, was it worth the wait! It’s currently the only completed room in our house, and that’s because it’s my favorite. This room–by far–has the most thought, articulation, and love put into it. I created an inspiration board for her room earlier this year, and it wound up being pretty on point! The only “big” change I made was changing the room color from sea salt to pink. Since we have sea salt throughout our house in various other rooms, I’m so glad I listened to my mom and sister and went for pale pink.

The first time Mark walked into this room, he said, “Wow. It’s so white in here.” That, my friends, was music to my ears. Welcome to this bright, light space…Nancy’s nursery. In lieu of a changing table, I use this bed to change Nancy. The bed is a family heirloom and was also my bed as a little girl. My mama also used it as a “changing table” throughout the years. It’s the perfect height for the job One of my dearest, best friends, Lizzie, gifted Nancy this amazing abstract painting. She is an an incredible artist. Lizzie used 1 Peter 1:6-7 to inspire this painting. It is absolutely my favorite part of the nursery. This piece of art is special on so many levels, and I cannot wait to watch Nancy grow with it throughout her lifeI created this mini gallery wall by combning Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech images + PicMonkey for text + Dollar Tree frames spray painted gold. Simple and cost friendly! My favorite is the middle right. Nancy’s name means “grace,” so I love having its definition in her room.The nursery guard. Truth is she tried to photo bomb almost all of these pictures. Bless this protective big sister, Tina!

At the end of the day, Nancy’s nursery is filled with so much LOVE. When I rock Nancy at night before she goes to bed, looking at the big L-O-V-E over the bed reminds me of 1 Cor 13:13. Before I lie her sweet sleepy self in her crib each night, I say this verse aloud to her and tell her I love her. This is a special, sacred place in our house. I pray our family grows in love as we grow in this home!

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