These Are a Few of My Favorite Things


I hear new parents everywhere quickly learn that their coffee/tea gets cold on a daily basis. We could even use one of these without having Nancy around yet!! This would work as a stocking stuffer as well.

Two | I’m telling y’all, Land of Nod’s pouf selection is amazing and so reasonably priced compared to other retailers. I’m crushing on this gold one…but there are so many other fabulous colors and options too!

Three | Yes, I confess. I am the kind of person who will always enjoy a good throw no matter how many I already have. Loving this faux fur porcupine one from TJMaxx, nonetheless!

Four | Thinking of getting into essential oils? Or love them already but don’t have a diffuser? We are in love with ours! I wrote about it being the best Christmas present last year. Still use it on a daily basis. It can make our house smell like a spa. It’s crazy!

Five | Yes, yes, yes! Please! I am majorly crushing on these ABC Scripture Memory Cards for Nancy and me…I can’t wait to teach her about Jesus and help her memorize Scripture! In the meantime, these would look miiiighty pretty in her nursery. Love me some French Press Mornings!

Happy December!

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