These Are a Few of My Favorite Things My List


Truth is I’ve been eyeing this pair for a couple of years (!!!). Since the fascination hasn’t died down, I think it’s time to pull the trigger on owning my first pair of Hunter Boots.

Two | Surprise! This isn’t a purse…it’s a diaper bag. Is it not the most un-diaper bag you’ve ever seen?! I’m obsessed with it. Complete with ten interior pockets and the gray leather strap and bottom, I swoon for this bag.

Three | This has become a tradition within our little Houston family. For the past two years of marriage, Mark has purchased me a new pair of snuggly flannel pajamas. He thinks they look cute; I think they look cute AND are the comfiest ever. Here is my pick for this year: pupjamas!

Four | I want to get more serious about my oils before the bebe arrives. There’s nothing more perfect to do that with than the family physician kit! Cannot wait to use it on our little family. (You might remember that last Christmas, I began my essential oil journey with a diffuser. It’s still something Mark and I use almost daily!)

Five | In my world, this is the ultimate gift card of all gift cards in the history of ever. Triple threat.

Six | Because I have visions of sweet potato/cucumber/zuchinni pasta dancing in my head…

Seven | A gift towards being your best self, to health, and fun too. A month or three of PB is a lovely Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Not that I’m obsessed or anything

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