Owning It


Own it. A two word life motto of mine that I adopted when Ensley and I lived together.

None of us are perfect. We don’t have it all together. We have our quirks and our struggles. And that’s quite alright. I believe that life is more about being a work in progress than a masterpiece. It’s better to always strive for progress and grace than to always/only strive for perfection.

So own it. In whatever mess or stage you’re in. Embrace it. Love it. Own it.

Here’s a start…these are things I get to “own.” Some serious and some not so serious. But I’m owning them all regardless!
– Showering daily is just not my jam.
– I love Keeping Up with the Kardashians and can be heard loudly lol-ing at it from another room.
– I’m more of a black and white person than being good at gray area/moderation.
– I am extremely sensitive to [and passionate about] marriage/divorce/the meaning of marriage vows as a result of my own family.
– I love to sing and lead worship but I don’t like karaoke. Never done it and don’t plan to. Being the center of attention makes me uncomfortable.
– Hope has always been and will be the more fun sista. And I’m 100% cool with that. 🙂
– I still struggle with fears as a result of “daddy wounds” and sometimes that plays out in my own marriage.
– I have never been nor will ever be a runner. I just don’t think running more than 2 miles is fun…
– …but wanna walk and talk for like 6 miles?! Best girl talk time ever.
– I wish I were more generous. I feel like I can always work on that.
– I still love Britney. And Justin. And especially the era of Britney & Justin together.
– I’m not competitive.
– I’m not career driven either. I never wanted to be more than a classroom teacher. And I chose that as a job for 4 years because the truth is — I can just plain old own the fact that I’ve always dreamed of being a stay at home mommy to a lot of kiddos. Some would say that it’s not ambitious enough.

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