Owning It [Part 2 + Linkup!]


After such a happy, positive, encouraging response to yesterday’s post (y’all rock!), I decided to extend my “own it” list and invite all of you to share yours too!

Now that you know how I feel about owning it, here are some more things I get to (not have to…get to!) “own” in my life. I tried to stick with the present and not harbor on anything in the past.

Owning it continued…
– If I had to choose between clean or tidy, I hate to admit that I would choose tidy every time.
– I don’t really like watching movies that much. Let’s talk and catch up instead.
– When Mark and I go to Flaming Amy’s, he gets embarrassed with how many containers of salsa I bring back to the table for myself. (Sorry Marky. Chips + salsa is the best snack in the world.)
– I’m certain that I’ll always wish my parents were still together.
– I can’t stop talking for my dog. (And neither can Mark. Or Hope, for that matter.)
– Speaking of Hope, I’m pretty sure both of us have had “baby fever” since we were basically babies ourselves. The “I want to get married” thing didn’t kick in till years later. 🙂
– And still on the topic of Hope, it really bothers and scares me that she has been through so much medically, yet I haven’t been to the hospital for so much as a scrape.
– Deep down…I never really minded my parents being strict because I’ve always known I’ll be the same way with my kiddos one day.
– I stinkin’ love my Prius.
– In some crazy, I-dont-even-get-it way, I’ve never struggled with confidence. And I wish I could give some of that trait to other people. I just want everyone to love who they are!!! Sounds so silly…but I mean it wholeheartedly!
– I’ll drive you crazy singing the harmony to the radio instead of the melody. Whoops. Sorry.
– I’m a weirdly thirsty person. I drink a cray-cray amount of water each day.
– And I seriously prefer water over juice.
– I’m Southern…but I don’t care for grits or sweet tea. (Ahhhhhh! I know!)
– Yes I went to UNC-Chapel Hill. No, I don’t care to keep up with college basketball.
– I can’t wait to be a soccer mom…especially knowing that my hottie English hubby will definitely coach our team of kiddos one day.
– I think one of the best things Marky and I have done in our marriage so far is to adventure away from my hometown and start our own little life together in Wilmington.

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