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Welcome to the girliest room in our home! Before Marky and I got married, he had only one decor request: tone down the pink. From high school till getting married, my room was thematically light pink and dark brown–coordinating monogrammed headboard and all. Though I didn’t mind making our master bedroom more neutral, I also gave myself full permission to girl it up in my closet.
Just so you can see the dramatic difference… Here’s the door to the closet from our master bathroom, which is clearly filled with my
most favorite color combination [as seen ALL throughout our wedding]: gray and white

The bins above hold folded casual long sleeve and short sleeve shirts.I was pinspired to make that little “print” above with my gold foil pen.
Fall winter clothes in the back. Tops up above.
And eventually I’ll hang pants down on the bottom (though they aren’t bothering me piled on that shelf right now
Been color coordinating the closet situation since high school.
I observed that I wear a LOT more neutrals in the fall/winter.
Bins above hold leggings (left to right) winter scarves, tank tops, summer scarves, more tank tops, and leggings.
I’m in love with this rug from Rugs USA. Pink and purpley perfection.

And finally…my shoe wall. I put these shelves together by myself last Friday. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud.
I had the day off and Marky was working…#nailedit. #Butreally.

Most of these are oldies but goodies. When I find a pair heels that doesn’t hurt to wear, I won’t give them up.Yes, of course there is a leopard she
Boots and flats at the bottom.

Little gold hearts make everything better! They couldn’t have been easier to install as well.
[Urban Walls post coming tomorrow!]

And if you’re wondering if I hogged the whole closet and left my hubby to a dresser/drawers alone, I didn’t!
His closet is right through that folding door. [He only has to bear walking through the girly room.]
– painted doors
– hardwood floors (previously carpet)
– (more of a wish than a “to do”) a mini chandelier instead of the standard fixture that’s up there now
– My OCD self would like to buy all of the same hanger for everything. But my frugal self thinks buying matching hangers when I have hangers that work perfectly already is ridiculous. We’ll see who wins. [My guess is the frugal self. :)]

Paint Color: ?! Original to the house 🙂
Door Color: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
Gold Heart Decals: Urban Walls Little Hearts
Rug: Rugs USA Windsor Overdyed Rug in pink (it comes in more colors too!)
“Shoe Shelves”: Wal Mart Ameriwood 5-shelf bookcase [$30!!!]
Lingerie chest: been in my room since I was little!
Baskets/bins: Target
Put on Love “Print”: DIY; frame $9.99 from Michaels [buy one get one free this week

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