Wife After God Thoughts and Reflections


Wife After God is far from a typical devotional. Believe me, this one is different. The words that fill the pages leapt out of the book and into my heart.

As an advocate of devotionals, being in Scripture daily, and living a life that aims towards Christ-likeness, I want to explain to you why this Wife After God felt so “different” to me (and why I think you should read it too!). Furthermore, my sweet friend Kaitlyn and I wanted to connect with the other wives who have read along with us!

Here I explain my heart for Wife After God:
Each day is a lovely length. Not too short–I tend to speed through shorter devotions knowing that “this will just take a minute.” Not too long–it didn’t feel tempted to put it off with the [terrible] excuse of “ugh, this will take me an hour.”

– And 30 days is a reasonable goal. That’s all it takes: setting aside a few moments of peace each day for 30 days. (Yes, this book will bring you peace!)

– The organizational format of this book is so well developed. The predictable daily flow of the devotional encourages a deep connection to the text. Each day goes a little something like this:
(1) Scripture. There is no better way to begin each day’s reading than being in the Word!
(2) Thought. Author Jen Smith’s thought on the day’s topic. It captivates the heart. It connects with the reader. It awakens the Spirit within you. It convicts. It encourages. It is the perfect second step in your daily devotional journey.
(3) Prayer. This section leaves no excuse not to pray and converse with God…because it’s written right there for you! You pray not only for your heart but for your husband’s too. The prayers are full of humility and roll right off the tongue. They’re not too formal; moreover, they’re like a stream of consciousness between you and the Lord.
(4) Challenge. Each day has a challenge paired with the topic. Bring it on!! This is engaging…created to push you towards Christ-likeness.
(5) Status Update. Social Media integration! I love this. One thing I am passionate about is the privilege to use social media as a platform to make the name of Jesus great. Because why not?! If we are living for His glory, we should live to make Him famous!! Additionally, though this tactic, you can reach be in community with other readers at the same time as reaching nonbelievers!
(6) Questions. This is when you journal, reflect, and hopefully dialogue in fellowship with other women. These questions require vulnerability. Grab your journal for this one!

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