Before the Blog The Honeymoon


Y’all know all about our wedding thanks to the lovely tab above. But what about our honeymoon?! I just have to share some little tidbits with you because it was the best. And because winter makes me daydream of tropical beaches with white sand and clear blue water.
Of course, pictures are always the best way to share. That way I don’t ramble on and on.
Because sometimes you just wanna chill with your feet in the water?! Why not?
My honeymoon drink of choice: mint julep as a daiquiri. Whaaa? Brilliant.
The staff would literally come up to you in the pool and ask if they could bring you something.
The food. Die.
My favorite foods in the world on one plate: sushi, fries, chips and salsa/guac.
The only food fave missing? Pizza.At the hydrotherapy circuit at the resort’s spa. The resort is beautiful.
That mint water was the most refreshing thing I’ve ever tasted. (And so lovely looking too!)
Our resort was the last in a string of resorts. So when we walked towards the right of the hotel, there was a whole lot of nothing-but-beach. It was flawlessly gorgeous!We only stayed for a few nights (so we savored every second!). It was a mini-moon. I’ll tell you why in the next Before the Blog post…tomorrow!

P.S. We’re going back on our 5 year anniversary. Yep, already planned it. Can’t wait!!! 3.5 years to go…

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