These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


Neutral. Christmas tree. Monogoram. Throw pillow. So many things I love in one single item!!!
(I really love the other monogram pillows on this site too…!! I want to put two on our bed: one with Mark’s monogram and one with mine.)

two // This is one example of every awesome form of cross clothing out there! I really love them all. I have a pink and red thin, flowy cross tee that I love to wear, but I would love some more snugly cross clothes for this season!

three // One of the thousands of things I learned from my pastor in Charlotte was to memorize your vows and repeat them to yourself (and your spouse!) often. So I all but swooned when I saw this gold and white print pop up on Pinterest. It would be the perfect addition to our neutral colored bedroom!

four // Speaking of our bedroom, this is another addition I’ve had my eye on for a while. These remind me of my Mimi and Papaw’s farm house. Mimi has several, and they were my favorite thing to nap on as a kiddo (and still now…)! So they make me nostalgic and they’re such a fun texture and neutral for our bedroom. I’d love them on either side of our bed for us to put our bare feetsies on when we wake up in the morning. And this faux sheepskin Ikea version…ca-ching. That’s a deal. Yes, please!

five // I’ve been saying I’m going to buy this for all too long now. I have heard so many wonderful things about it. A must read in 2014 for me. MUST read. 🙂

six // You might remember this from my 5 on Friday post. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since!! It cracks me up. And epitomizes my homebody-ness. Yeah, the couch in this shirt and yoga pants sounds like a great night to me!

seven // I love me some Pottery Barn, but I also love me some PB Teen and PB Kids. This pillow is fresh out of the most lovely PB Teen collection ever. This pillow is my favorite item from the collection, and you can probably guess why. Yep…gold, neutral, and (!!) because it makes me think of England. People say “lovely” there a lot more than they do here. This sweet little word on a pillow reminds me of our family and friends across the pond!

eight (diffuser – essential oils) // This is my big, expensive wish list gift. This thing rocks. I love me some essential oils. And seriously y’all…it makes your house smell like a spa. In the purest way! Essential oils only! Might be #8 in this post, but it’s #1 on my list

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