Embrace The Rain


I love that it rained during my little sissy’s engagement pictures. The rain made the photos even more perfect.
Just under one year ago (Nov 19, 2012, to be exact) Hope was admitted to the hospital for a scheduled surgery to combat some severe Crohn’s disease complications. She is a rockstar. In a small, very simply put nutshell: surgery 1 turned into Thanksgiving in the hospital turned into emergency surgery 2 turned into a scary stay in the ICU turned into a 99% chance of spending Christmas in the hospital.
But our God is still in the miracle business, and we got our Christmas miracle last year when Hopey came home from the hospital just in the nick of time for Christmas with our whole family. (You can read more about that story here
The rain in these pictures couldn’t be more symbolic.
You know what? I’m pretty sure the rain was there on purpose. 🙂

[KV, I’m crying! Thank you. These are treasures for our family forever! We love you!!!] 

You don’t hear Hope complaining about Crohn’s. Sure, it’s a part of her life (everyyyday), but it doesn’t define her. She doesn’t let it bring her down. And she certainly makes light of it a whoooolllleee lot more than she ever cries or complains about it. Not to mention…as a defensive and protective older sis, I have noticed that it’s a completely different story to battle a chronic disease when it looks like you’re completely healthy on the outside…I could get on my soapbox about that!! But I won’t. 😉
I am positive that God is using Hope’s life to inspire and speak to others. Positivity. Faith. Perseverance. HOPE. My sister is all of these things.

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