DIY Christmas Banner For Under 5


Yes, that’s right. I started decorating last weekend. Started!…I haven’t finished yet. Mostly because Mark wanted to watch football, and I cannot bear decorating without blaring Christmas music throughout the house.

I was most excited about getting our mantel set up. So that, of course, is where I began.
Y’all know I’m always up for a good deal. I found a great one for you to recreate for your mantels!!! It’s super easy…thanks to a magical thing called gold glitter stickers. Here’s how I did it!I chose this scrapbook paper from Michaels because of the gold pattern…and mostly because there was a sale on scrapbook paper. But more on the price stuff later! 😉 There are sooo many different paper options to choose from! A close 2nd to this one was a cute paper with Christmas trees in the background!! And 3rd was alternating between red and green paper…but I couldn’t part with my current gold obsession.

1. Choose your cutout shape. I used triangles for our fall banner, so I chose this flag-like pattern for our Chrismas banner.
2. Trace the pattern onto the scrapbook paper keeping each flag as close together as possible.
3. Cut!
4. Use the beautiful, sparkly gold stickers to spell whichever phrase you choose! (But check on the back of the pack first to make sure there are enough letters for your creation! For instance, I used up all of the pack’s Rs for meRRy chRistmas!
5. Use tape to connect the paper with the yarn. Space evenly between the yarn, leaving extra room at the ends for hanging.
6. Hang that beauty! Merry, merry!!
Now onto the price deets…because we don’t want to spend over $5, do we?! 🙂

– I got the scrapbook paper 6 pieces for $1 on sale at Michael’s. I only used 3 pieces! The regular price is .60 cents.
– The gold letters were $5.99 (eek!) BUT I used my 40% off 1 item coupon. This week they upped it to 50% one item! So go get those letters! I usually just google “Michaels coupon” on my phone at the store, and the cashier rings up the coupon straight from my phone. You can also find the 50% off coupon here.
– I already had the string from my fall banner, so there was no spending there!

Here is the grand total…as proven by the receipt! WOOHOO!
Make sure to share your pictures with me if you create a lovely Christmas banner yourself!! Can’t wait to see your creations, lovelies!!!

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