Day 27 Big Stop Glorifying Busy


So here comes another unforeen post that absolutely must slip its way into this series after hearing a fabulous message at church today. The sermon spoke straight to my heart. It affirmed me AND called me out. Let me explain…Do you realize the culture we live in?!?! Everyone is so “busy.” But that’s not a good thing!!! When you’re too busy…other things get pushed to the side. And it’s usually the more important things, too. (Your husband? Your kids? Your health? Your friendships? Your sanity?!?)

“How was your weekend? Good! Went by too fast though. We were really busy.”
“Sorry I haven’t been able to see you…I’ve been really busy lately.”
“Yeah, work is keeping me really busy.”
“Ooops I forgot to call you back, I’ve been so busy!”

Is that true or WHAT?!

Now, honestly [for me], since this move from Charlotte to Wilmington, I have taken a big step AWAY from busy. Don’t get me wrong. I was one to those “busy” people in Charlotte. Even if I was filling my time with things that had “good intentions” behind them (teaching kindergarten, tutoring multiple students after school, attending more than one Bible study, etc.)…I knew that when we moved, I needed to make some BIG changes. Against busy. For my sake and my family’s.

I knew that God had a new sort of life and marriage that He wanted to create for us when we moved to Wilmington. I felt it in my soul! I got plucked from my hometown…my comfort zone…and now I’m back to the basics. Just me, my husband, our pup…and moving to a place where have 0 extra commitments. A fresh start.

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying (and thriving in) this new season. I am serving my husband better. I’m giving myself more time for me. I am filling my mornings with things that give me energy and breathe life into my body, mind, and spirit. I am a cheerful keeper of our home.

So (obviously) this is the part of the message where I felt affirmed. To His glory!!

[Noooooow the convicting part.]

Our culture also loves this idea: If you’re not “busy” like everyone else, then you must be lazy.

Our pastor asked, “If you’re not busy, do you feel like you have to defend yourself to people who are busy?”

Oh. Rats. Yeah, that’s kiiiind of totally me.

Some people get it. They know why and support why our little Houston family has made this change where I am nannying instead of teaching and spending a lot more time at home. But (most?) people don’t get it. And…being honest here…I have felt the need to defend myself multiple times. Actually, not multiple times. MANY times. Why I…this young woman who is married with no kids and has a college degree…why I am not trying to make lots more money for our family and work a full-time job.

I realize that I am very blessed. Don’t get me wrong…we’re not “rakin’ it in” (in our oh-so-close minded American Dream standards…though we are “rakin’ it in” in comparison to world outside of our close-minded American eyes. That’s another soapbox though… ;)). But we are living within our means. With contentment, joy, and a whole lot more peace. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel a million times healthier for us. Again…glory to God!

So where do you find yourself? A busy person? A person who finds the need to defend why you’re not busy all the time? Somewhere in the middle?

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